Monday, September 12, 2016

Urat New Testament Dedication

On July 30 Rachel and I were blessed to attend the Urat New Testament dedication! The celebration took place
in Musungwik village. A group of traditional dancers led a procession through the village to the meeting area, where a grandstand had been constructed for the many dignitaries that attended.  Five women, each representing a different church denomination, carried the Urat New Testaments in traditional baskets on their backs.

During one of the many speeches given during the four-hour ceremony, a guest shared with the crowd that nearly 300 other languages in Papua New  Guinea are still waiting for Bible translation. As we traveled home the next day, our truck stopped at a roadside village to allow the passengers to stretch their legs.  We chatted with a few of the people who lived there, and told them where we had been.  A man said to us, with longing, “I wish that someone would come and help us to translate the Bible into our language.  Can you send someone?”

See this blog for a great article and videos about the dedication

Sunday, February 14, 2016


I just noticed that my last post was about the severe drought we had here in PNG.  Since then we have moved into rainy season and have been having some flooding problems due to large amounts of rain.  I am filling in as Security Operations Manager for a few months and part of that role is reporting any dangerous situations any of the centre residents might encounter.  The other day I posted warnings for flooded roads on the way to Lae.